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The best IT recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with, far exceeding any other agency I have ever dealt with. Mark is a great relationship builder, quickly gaining trust and credibility. Mark and his team have an outstanding knowledge of the market, technologies & their candidates. They take the time to understand the client’s business, submit quality candidates within short time frames and offer regular updates. I cannot speak highly enough of his dedication and commitment to each of his clients and would highly recommend him.
Lucy Haste - Head of Operations
I had the pleasure of working with Mark over the past year. Mark and his team were great to work with and delivered the desired results of our partnership. His knowledge of my requirements and his attention to detail are unmatched. I look forward to working with Mark and the rest of the Hurren & Hope team in the future. If you have technical needs, these guys need to be utilised. They will get the job done! I could not be happier with their service.
Jim Galligan - VP of Sales
Hurren & Hope deliver what they say, they have been excellent at helping us define our needs. Their blend of Technology, Green jobs and Operations verticals has made them an excellent talent partner for our needs. They deliver. It's that simple!
Oliver Health - Head of Talent
Without doubt, the best recruiters I have worked with. I can't recommend Mark and his team highly enough. Our first meeting was challenging. We started a long way apart in terms of expectations and approach, however, we worked to understand our requirements and quickly developed a mutual respect. Mark takes the time to understand the requirements of a role and is not afraid to challenge your perceptions, on several occasions he has help me realise I needed a different skill set to the one we started searching for. If you want a more detailed understanding of what you get from Mark & his team DM me.
Matthew Salter - Delivery Leader
I have found Mark to be a person with great knowledge and deep expertise in business solutions. Mark is an intelligent and excellent Innovation recruiter with boundless energy. His team is Multi-skilled, strong, independent and self motivated. They have the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions, but at the same time do not waste your time and effort. Working with him and his team is a signature of success.
Mohammed Muhith - Service Lead

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IT and Green recruitment – Contract & Permanent 

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Contingency for IT recruitment has long been the common way of working with IT Recruitment agencies, which is why we continue to offer our contingency services alongside our RPO and Embedded solutions.

Our IT and Green recruitment services are tailored to deliver results with efficiency and value for your organisation, with you only paying for our services once you have hired your ideal applicant.

If you are however looking for a cost-effective way of hiring more than one role our RPO and Embedded solutions are available from £3900 on a rolling monthly basis either alongside your internal recruitment team or as a complete RPO solution

Bespoke outsourced solutions are also available to clients. 

IT Recruitment
IT Recruitment

Contract &

At Hurren and Hope, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive recruitment solution dedicated to founders seeking expertise in the IT and Green sector. Whether you are seeking IT Hiring services for permanent team members or require skilled IT or Green professionals for short-term contract projects, we’ve got you covered.

With our expert team of recruiters, we excel in both permanent and contract recruitment, ensuring we find the right talent to meet your company’s objectives and cultural fit.

Our personalised approach and in-depth understanding of various industries within Technology such as HealthTech, SalesTech and Software Engineering, enable us to present you with highly skilled candidates who are ready to make a significant impact on your organisation.

Our Tech

Technology has long been touted as a replacement for recruitment agencies. We firmly believe recruitment is a people industry and despite our expertise in Technology we view it as a tool to support our human led activities. In skill verticals where talent is less sought after and applicants are more pro-active technology has the potential for a greater impact. But we are headhunters looking to engage with passive and high demand talent.  with a focus on ‘engage’.

There isn’t a recruitment technology solution out there that can replace a quality IT Recruitment Consultant who brings knowledge and value to the table. 

That said, we invest in the latest Technologies in the industry. We have access to the largest People Databases with a global reach, AI powered search engines, and market leading communication software. We utilise SysOps to enable our consultants to focus their time on the important value add activities and not the less skilled but time-consuming areas of recruitment. This gives you the benefit of our team being quick to reach the talented professionals you seek.


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IT Recruitment

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