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The best recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with, far exceeding any other agency I have ever dealt with. Mark is a great relationship builder, quickly gaining trust and credibility. Mark and his team have an outstanding knowledge of the market, technologies & their candidates. They take the time to understand the client’s business, submit quality candidates within short time frames and offer regular updates. I cannot speak highly enough of his dedication and commitment to each of his clients and would highly recommend him.
Lucy Haste – Head of Operations
I had the pleasure of working with Mark over the past year. Mark and his team were great to work with and delivered the desired results of our partnership. His knowledge of my requirements and his attention to detail are unmatched. I look forward to working with Mark and the rest of the Hurren & Hope team in the future. If you have technical needs, these guys need to be utilised. They will
get the job done! I could not be happier with their service.
Jim Galligan – VP of Sales
Without doubt, the best recruiters I have worked with. I can’t recommend Mark and his team highly enough. Our first meeting was challenging. We started a long way apart in terms of expectations and approach, however, we worked to understand our requirements and quickly developed a mutual respect. Mark takes the time to understand the requirements of a role and is not afraid to challenge your perceptions, on several occasions he has help me realise I needed a different skill set to the one we started searching for. If you want a more detailed understanding of what you get from Mark & his team DM me.
Matthew Salter – Delivery Leader
I have found Mark to be a person with great knowledge and deep expertise in business solutions. Mark is an intelligent and excellent Innovation recruiter with boundless energy. His team is Multi-skilled, strong, independent and self motivated. They have the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions, but at the same time do not waste your time and effort. Working with him and his team is a signature of success.
Mohammed Muhith – Service Lead

Hurren & Hope

Specialist recruitment solutions, building teams to create a brighter future.

Tech and Green Sector specialist recruitment solutions.


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Hurren & Hope is a leading Recruitment Agency for Specialist hiring in Technology, Engineering and Sustainability sectors.

We supply recruitment solutions to Class leaders via Contract, Permanent and Subscription recruitment models.

✓ Unlock access to a wealth of top talent through our Extensive Network. 
✓ Utilise our AI and Tech stack to access talent faster
✓ Fractional recruitment packages starting from £3900 a month.
✓ Specialised Industry Knowledge from Seasoned Professionals.
✓ True recruitment partners, not transactional sales.
✓ 100% outsourced recruitment solution or a fractional service.
✓ Flex your service as your needs and budget allow.

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Did you know there are no qualifications required to become a Recruitment Consultant? It’s crazy, one of the biggest factors in your living a fulfilling life and anyone can advise you on it!  

We think that’s wrong and spend a lot of money every year training our team, attending events and doing all we can to ensure we are true consultants and not sales people.

✓Experience a truly personalised journey from the start with a seasoned recruiter. 
✓ Resources and expertise from Experienced Industry Specialists
✓ Access to hidden job openings that may not be readily available elsewhere.
✓ Support with matching your skills, experience, and vision, to suitable opportunities.
✓ Support throughout on career guidance, Personal Branding, Interview preparation, Offer Consultation.
✓ Complete Confidentiality and Discretion.

160 x 5*

Our Specialisms

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We are passionate about Human Health, Quantum computing, AI, Data Science and breakthroughs in Wearables technologies are making the prospect of cures to longstanding health challenges more and more achievable.
Improving outcomes by focusing on healthcare delivery, diagnosis, treatment and patient care is close to our hearts.

HealthTech Jobs
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GreenTech and Sustainability, also known as green technology or clean technology, represent a vital solution in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices.
Ensuring a brighter future by providing skilled professionals in to Green jobs is something we are passionate about.

Green Jobs
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Technology holds immense promise for shaping a better future across various aspects of our lives. Advancements in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Biotechnology are set to revolutionise industries, drive efficiency, and enhance the lives of all of us across the globe.

Technology Jobs
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Sales Tech

Sales tech, also known as tech sales or technology sales, is a key part of any organisation’s success. It’s an environment unlike any other and requires specialists who appreciate the difference.
We partner with SaaS providers, software houses and consultancy’s across Europe.

SalesTech Jobs
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Software Engineering

Software engineering focuses on the systematic design, development, testing, and maintenance of software systems. Its the common link across all of our verticals.
Our founder is a past Software Developer and still holds a love for this specialist area of the jobs market place.

Software Engineering Jobs

Our Testimonials

Hurren & Hope was founded with a simple goal: “To bring the best entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals together to create a brighter future for all of us.”

Mark Hurren, Founder


We take the ‘consultant’ title seriously. It’s what sets us apart from our peers.

Don’t take our word for it checkout our reviews!

Our Partners
“I had the great fortune of Mike contacting me about a new opportunity. By his own admission it was with a role he was not familiar, however he was nothing but supportive, professional, swift to respond and keen to make the application and interview process as smooth as possible. Unlike many recruiters, he was never pushy and respected the boundaries I specified and provided all the information I requested without hesitation or sought the answers for me. I would recommend this recruitment team and would be happy to use it again.”
“I had the pleasure of being partnered with Hurren & Hope who helped me achieve the perfect role! Communication was always great, they helped me at every milestone across the process. It was an absolute pleasure to have them represent me. I can’t recommend them enough, they really listens and care about your needs and went above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and clear at all times. Thanks, guys!”
“Mark and the team at Hurren and Hope have gone to great lengths to place me into a role that’s well matched – not only to my skillset but also my work ethics and culture.
All too often agencies will look to place a person to a position regardless of suitability. Furthermore, they have been excellent in ensuring I had a smooth on boarding experience and followed up with me on a number of occasions after I started my new role to make sure I’d settled in well and was happy with my new position and the company I’d been placed at. I highly recommend Hurren And Hope as an excellent recruitment company.”
“I was looked after by the fantastic team at Hurren & Hope in my search for my next role. Honestly, I’m just going to say it how it was, they were informative, made me feel like they understood what I wanted for my next role, were patient, gave me time to consider information, and treated me like I was their most important client. Really great service, thanks for all your help”
“Absolute stars, they managed to find me my dream role in less than 3 weeks! they were always on hand for help and advice every step of the way and did an absolutely fabulous job throughout the whole interviewing process. If you get the chance to work with with them then you’re very lucky as they are best at what they do.”
“They have an amazing team, have always enjoyed interacting with them. Head and shoulders above the other agencies I spoke with”
“I’m just starting out my career in DevOps, and Michael, who usually specializes in filling more senior roles, happened to come across me and introduced me to an opportunity which was the perfect match. He was very encouraging and supportive throughout, helped speed up the process a lot, and also arranged so that I could have multiple calls with current employees to really figure out if I wanted the position.”
“Professional, kind and meticulous. Took a great deal of interest in my profile and helped me with the interviews in every step of the process. I am happy with the service they provided. I hope to stay in touch with them.”
“Excellent recruitment agency! The recruiter was honest and transparent throughout the process and has helped me land a dream position which I’m looking forward to starting soon!”
“Hurren and Hope were fantastic throughout the process of interviewing for my new role. If there is anyone looking to make a move into the sustainability/ESG space I would definitely recommend speaking with them.Really enjoyed working with them and they were a brilliant help ahead of the interview process. So in conclusion, If you’re an employer or an employee in the sustainability world, get in touch with Hurren and Hope!”
“Had a wonderful experience as a Senior Software Engineer looking for a role. Michael who I initially spoke to was brilliant at finding something that suited my unique specialisations. Then followed by another member of the team who was equally as excellent in supporting me through the interview process and negotiating the offer. Never felt out of the loop, always felt they were fighting my corner and the end results speak for themselves. Couldn’t recommend them enough.”
“I’m really enjoying working with Hurren and Hope. They are very friendly and thorough and professional. Great attentions to details and try to understand your needs exactly. Looking forward for further collaboration.”
“It has been a pleasure working with Hurren and Hope; they are friendly, and professional and keeps me posted with development regarding the job search. They took the time to understand what I am looking for and is trying to find me a company that fits my requirements.”
“Michael Johnson’s communication and kindness were second to none, he was always fast at getting me the information I need and was an absolute joy to speak to. Couldn’t have asked for more.”
“The perfect recruitment experience. Really friendly, reliable engagements. They went above and beyond my expectations to help me find my perfect role. I cannot recommend highly enough.”
“My experience with Hurren and Hope has been nothing short of excellent.
They were extremely friendly and highly involved throughout the whole process, with feedback from the employer being communicated to me almost immediately.
I highly recommend the for their professionalism, as well as for their very friendly approach to recruitment.”
“Being a graduate fresh out of university can be extremely difficult in terms of looking to start a career. However, Hurren & Hope were extremely helpful every step of the way in securing a role, I could not of asked for better service. Polite, friendly and very informative from beginning to end. I will definitely be recommending.”
“Great job! I had the opportunity to interact with Hurren & Hope and I loved the experience. Communicative, friendly and so professional. I look forward to having more interaction opportunities in the future. Thank you!”
“Compared to other previous experiences with external recruiters, Hurren&Hope blasts the competitors.
The attention for details and support with intel information, interview preparation calls were incredibly valuable. Their service is top quality and they really believe in what they do.
“The care and support I received from Hurren & Hope throughout the hiring process is second to none! During my initial interview with Michael I felt comfortable to express what I was looking for in a new role and workplace. And Michael helped me to go in that direction. He made sure I felt comfortable to ask any questions along the way and kept me in the loop. I thank Michael and the whole team at Hurren & Hope for presenting me with a great opportunity! I look forward to staying in touch!”
“I have absolutely loved my job search process with Mike. I mean this guy beats everyone in the industry by far with his professionalism and talent. He is very effective in communication and is a breeze to talk to. I truly thankful for this experience of helping me get a job as I have come across so many other recruiting professionals offering their help, but not everyone really has your best interest in mind AND has connections to fit what you are looking for.”
“Michael has been a pleasure to work with. Highly Recommend, I have already referred friends who had the same great service.”
“Unlike any other recruitment company. The attention to detail and communication was brilliant from start to finish. The service I received from one of the recruitment consultants was absolutely outstanding and I can’t recommend Hurren and hope highly enough.They went the extra mile to get me the best possible deal and found me a company that fits my personality.”
“Brilliant from start to finish, Mark kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and was very understanding about my situation and being very limited to calls throughout the working day. Everyone I dealt with at Hurren and Hope was friendly, polite and extremely helpful and I would highly recommend their services to anyonecompany.”
“Have you ever felt that recruitment agencies just play keyword bingo with your CV before providing you with a slew of largely irrelevant job opportunities? Well, this was not my experience when dealing with Hurren & Hope”
“After many years within investment banking and frustrated by the risk-adverse approach to using new technologies I was seeking a role that would both challenge me and support technical growth. They took the time to look beyond my CV and engaged to understand my requirements before providing me with the perfect opportunity. Communication throughout the interview process was excellent and I’m very happy to have started 2022 with a new role. Thank you Hurren & Hope.”
“Absolutely flawless at securing me an interview & amazing every step of the way! Always there if needed any questions answered. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough! Even sent me a card which was a lovely personal touch!”
“It was a pleasure working with Hurren & Hope. Mike kept me in the loop and maintained great communication and feedback throughout the process. If you’re hiring or on the look out for a new role, I certainly recommend them.”
“After searching in the normal online places, Michael Johnson from Hurren & Hope contacted me. I found him very helpful, communication was excellent and after being let down by non-responsive other agencies, it was a breath of fresh air dealing with an agency with professional staff. The quality of the roles put forward was also excellent. Once i was placed in a role, the communication didn’t stop there and Michael Johnson continued to ensure i was settling into my new role.”
“Not the “run of the mill” agency. From the first interaction to the last the support, feedback and follow ups were second to none. One of the best experiences of Job Search I have come across. They were diligent and followed up when they said they would. Highly recommended.”

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Michael Johnson Managing Consultant –
Tech & Software Specialist

Hurren & Hope

What we stand for…

Coming together, working together, staying together, to help contribute to creating a brighter future for us all 

Always Learning  
Continuously learning new things to ensure we remain relevant and add value.

Seeing change as an opportunity and a way to help contribute to creating a better future.  

Doing the right thing even when no one is watching! Trust and Responsibility go hand in hand with Consultation.

“To Bring the best entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals together to create a brighter future for all of us”.

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