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Finding specialist talent takes specialist skills, so how do you access all those juicy savings RPO or recruitment-as-a-service subscription solutions promise without compromising on the quality of applicants you receive? Simple! Start a partnership with Hurren & Hope.

You heard us right, Specialist Headhunters, still highly motivated and competitive as ever, all trained under our own roof and hungry to tell the world about everything you have to offer but with the savings.


You bet we are. In fact, we would go as far as to say most of the team can geek out over innovations in Technology and the green revolution certainly has some of its biggest cheerleaders among our ranks.

We are invested in the markets we work in, it’s all we do, we are not a generalist, RPO, Resourcing partner, or generalist Recruitment outsourcing provider we are proven headhunters used to fighting for our clients in the highly competitive agency recruiter market place.

How do you differ from an RPO or outsource recruitment partner?

We are not a factory where a job specification comes in one end and a spray of poorly matched resume’s for you to sift through comes out the other, or even worse ‘zero resumes’ as is all too often the case when it comes to specialist roles.

The clients we work with clearly do their homework and much of our work comes through word-of-mouth referrals. We vet our clientele. If we are not best placed to assist you, we would prefer to preserve the relationship for a future time when we are well placed to provide genuine value.

Despite what the recruitment sector will tell you it is impossible to be an expert in all things, if you are engaging an RPO that claims to be an expert in Technology or the latest green innovation while also filling call centre operator jobs then you are being misled.

Good Talent is hard to find, the majority of qualified applicants are not looking for work and certainly not looking to engage with a call centre-style ‘cold call’ from an RPO operator with thousands of job roles coming through the factory floor every year.

Who do we work with?

Our client base varies from StartUps and SME's to large corporates here in Europe and the US seeking specialist skills on a contract or permanent basis.

We have even been known to provide specialist hires to other recruitment companies unable to deliver the niche skills we work with to their own clients.

Find out more about the Type of Technology and Green roles we recruit for:


Why Us?

The founders behind Hurren & Hope have spent their entire professional careers in Talent management, a period spanning over 20 years, we have worked within the world’s largest Recruitment organisations and firmly believe recruitment must evolve, a truth that seems to have gone unnoticed by the vast majority of the recruitment sector.

We have set out to achieve a culture unique to Hurren & Hope, with in-house academies and large investments in training our teams to ensure we break the stereotypes that come with the recruitment sector. Our ‘inch wide mile deep’ approach to the markets we work within means we are uniquely connected to passive Talent within the Technology and Green Jobs marketplace.

We value genuine connections over short-term transactions, building mutually beneficial relationships with employers and professionals in their fields of operation.

Find out more about our founders thoughts on the industry and a host of other topics from inhouse and guest writers. Or the four values that underpin our culture.


But we hire contractors?

No problem, you get to have your pudding and eat it. We have been supplying Contractors since incorporating the company, navigating the pitfalls of IR35 and the highly volatile marketplace.

You get to benefit from that expertise either on an ad hoc basis or for a fixed fee each month!* Oh, and if required, we can provide a fully compliant payroll service as a stand-alone offering for your existing contractors or, in addition to resourcing and managing your contractor associates, no matter what part of the world they happen to be based in. We can even pay in the local currency if that’s your preference.

We don’t like to compromise and believe our clients shouldn’t have to either.

*Fixed margin, payments to the contractor are agreed prior to starting a contract, no more high agency margins or hidden mark ups! Payroll services are subject to credit checks


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