Enhance your existing package

We didn’t want our community of seasoned contract associates to miss out on the fixed fee train, so we have created packages that can be used to enhance your existing hiring package with us or as a stand-alone offering.

No more cloak and dagger over what markup the agency has added to your daily bill rate. That’s never been our style with transparency for both our associates and our clients, always central to our contractor relationships. A fixed service offering was an obvious evolution for our Contract Bench of professionals.

IR35-compliant contracts, Digital Timesheets, self-bill invoicing, and multi-currency payment options for international clients form part of our offering. All with the comfort of knowing you're working with vetted individuals we have been working with for years. What’s not to like!

How does it work?


Discuss your hiring needs with one of our team to ensure we are well-placed to assist you with your requirements.


Decide how many contractors you expect to bring on board for the year.


Receive a quote from us to resource for and manage your contract resources.


Decide if you would like to add IR35 compliant payroll services to your package.


Discuss with us how you would like to work with us, from how we communicate with you, to how you would like to be invoiced.


We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring we cultivate new and sustain old relationships within the contracting community to ensure when you call we have just the person to fulfil your project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more by making an appointment with one of our advisors.

The company founder cut his teeth in Contracting. We have been working with experts in the market for years and know our onions when it comes to ensuring you remain compliant. We can even add IR35 insurance for you*

*Subject to 3rd party underwriting and an additional premium, a blanket policy may also be possible.

The savings available to you via fixing your monthly contracting are so good it makes it possible to raise or reduce your contracting head count within your service package throughout the year and still save money. It also helps your finance team plan your budgets. As for the speed of response, for the majority of roles, we can turn around applicants and paperwork within 48 hours assuming you can keep up with us!

We would love to assist you in onboarding your existing team, but it is likely you will have signed a 3rd party introduction clause in your existing contract, which would mean a fee to your current agency would be due. If the contractors in question are not represented by a 3rd party and the prospect of a weekly wage, simple timesheets and no paperwork to worry about appeals to them, then they are welcomed with open arms.

Sure, we have been working with green innovators in South Africa, Tech start-ups in the US and plenty of locations in between. Assuming war hasn’t broken out and the country in question is stable, we should be in a position to help. Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

The majority of our clients like us to handle the sourcing, onboarding, and payroll on their behalf, but some clients prefer to manage their payroll needs, hence our two-tiered approach to contracting.

If you would like us to payroll on your behalf, we can provide a highly autonomous payroll service in all major currencies. Your line manager will simply need to digitally sign off on the contractor’s work each week and we will handle the invoicing, financial statements, and payments on your and the contractor’s behalf.

Every situation is unique and we will be sure to carry out due diligence to ensure we are best placed to service your needs.

Hurren & Hope was founded with a simple goal: to bring the best entrepreneurs and highly skilled professionals together to create a brighter future for all of us.

Mark Hurren


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