Core Services launched with Innovators Operations teams firmly in mind.

I have news! Core Services is live for 2023. 

By Bryony Johnson – Head of Core Services

“Innovators are a breed unto themselves Bryony, just because someone has the same job title, it does not mean they can do the job within a start-up or innovator environment. Corporates and public sector cultures are completely different to innovators yet recruiters don't seem to recognise that when it comes to operations and support functions, I want you to come on board and build a core services division,”

and that was that...

A little over 12 months ago, a bite to eat at Prezzo with Mark focused on the fact innovators' needs are unique not just in terms of Software Development, Data Architecture etc. but also the core of the company that resides within operations and support functions.

Think about it for a moment. Innovators are unique work environments fast-paced, changeable and in the case of young organisations, they often lack processes and governance.

Placing applicants into the operations area of innovator companies is an art. A candidate that can perform in an established routine is one thing. Asking them to work with minimal guidance and little structure while also helping to create the environment they operate in is another, for the right individual it is a challenge they love, for another it is a nightmare resulting in a swift exit.

And so, my journey with Hurren & Hope begins. It was a bright summer's day….

Mark at Hurren & Hope had reached out to me on the back of a recommendation to see if I would be interested in hearing more about how the Hurren & Hope team are on a mission to move recruitment into the professional services space, with a real focus on exceeding client expectations. What was the harm in meeting for a drink was my thinking.

Mark and I instantly clicked… same banter, same personality and many of the same interests (or non-interests, like tomatoes, we had pasta and pizza for lunch). Mark had a vision for someone to come on board and launch the Core Services division, and I knew at that point I wanted to be part of this journey with him.

Joining at the end of 2021, I've always said it, but it felt like home. Different… but home. I know you're probably thinking "why was it so different?" – coming from a background of working within generalist recruitment "high street recruiters" and having a well-established desk where clients knew and trusted you, to joining a consultancy who are passionate about their values, with a benchmark far higher than any recruiter I had previously worked for combined with working for demanding start up founders on a brand new desk, was a learning curve.

It can be tough!

2022 was a great year for me. I got engaged, I moved into my first home, and I built the foundations for the Core Services division. I focused initially on Sales & Marketing, and it has truly been a great journey so far; with the support of the team, building relationships with candidates and clients and showing what makes us stand out.

But 2023 is going to be even better… I get married in a couple of months, honeymooning to Mykonos. I'm most likely going to get a puppy, and on the back of a great 2022 and demand from clients to support them in other areas of operations, we are fully launching the Core Services division.

Core Services focuses on operations, the hidden heroes, allowing founders to create their vision!

Our Talent Pools are full of individuals who thrive in the crazy world of innovative, start-up environments. 

Combine this with our new Seed service with Loyalty based pricing and we not only offer service that stands out, we also offer value that stands out. 

If you would like to discuss your hiring plans get in touch so we can meet up for a coffee 020 3833 0334 or

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